Here I go…

IMG_0026On the crazy advice of my friend and fellow creative, Hope, I have started a blog. I will be sharing some of the insane and funny (ha ha and weird) things that happen in my life as the wife of a farmer, mom of 3 teens and reloving/rehabbing creative.

I am blessed to live in a farmhouse that is 165 plus years old.  Our home is located  just outside of Fredericton, New Brunswick.  It really is the picture province.

I am a lover of anything vintage or farmhouse with a story.  Enamelware, milk glass, and architectural salvage items make my heart go pitter patter.  I often see what things CAN be, other than their original purpose.   Sometimes things do not turn out in real life like they did in my mind, and sometimes they are even better! 😉

I work as an educational assistant in a middle school and I love the age group. I spend my off time doing farm chores, working in my flower and veggie gardens and painting anything that does not move.

In my next post I will share about my adventures at the Sussex Flea Market.


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