“I am sorely unprepared…”

I introduced three of my girlfriends to the Sussex Flea Market.  Every year on the third Friday of August, I make an annual pilgrimage to Sussex to see what treasures await me. My mom is usually my partner in the adventure. This year Judy, Dawne, and Nat joined us. 

It is acres and acres of treasure hunting bliss. You can walk all day and not see everything.
The title of this post was one of my favourite quotes from our first hour there. My girlfriends were blown away by the sheer size of the event. Yes, it was hot. Yes, it was super crowded, and yet I love it. I get into a zone and time stands still.  Four plus hours seemed like half an hour. There is a little charge you get from scoring a great deal. Can I get an Amen!?!

You can find ANYTHING at the Sussex Flea Market. Literally anything. Our favourite game is “What is that for?”.  Our biggest laugh was this…

Is Peewee Herman inappropriate  and disturbing?  Oh yes!  He is also a hilarious cultural blip of my generation. 

Of course, I was on the hunt for vintage beauties. I usually come home with a truckload of wooden furniture that has seen better days that I can paint and relove. Not this year!  This year I came home with a load of glorious milk glass, an old lantern,  enamelware, day lilies for a garden I am redoing, I picked up a brass chandelier that will soon be a lovely light in my garden. I also scored a fabulous barnwood birdhouse that  my Mom loved. (Yes you can buy gifts at a flea market. Don’t judge me. Lol)

The old lantern gets new life with a set of battery operated fairy lights.
Wait till you see what I plan for these chippy beauties.
Things are cleaned but nothing is put away yet. Keeping it real, it will be a few days before I have enough time to ENJOY adding these items to my collections.

If you ever get the chance to check out the Sussex Flea Market, I am sure you will not be disappointed. 😎

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