Come For a Stroll

I am sharing some of my favourite yard and garden pics today in a photo blog. I love to wander around my yard, coffee in hand (often in my pyjamas) checking out what is blooming today. So grab a coffee and come for a (photo) stroll with me. 

Black eyed Susan day lily
Cedric our guard crow that I found at Tweedside Road.
I love using my old enamelware instead of the garden center plastic pots.
A few of the accents I have around the entrance to our old farmhouse.
Old wooden doors repurposed to create the perfect place for my climbing vines.
Impatiens in an old tool box.
Door arch my hubby helped me construct.
I ❤️birdhouses.
Sunflowers 😍😍😍
I have a thing for day lilies and hostas
Blueberry Sundae daylily
My Monet weigelia shrubs with coneflowers.

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