Our gorgeous old barn in front of a moody summer sky.
We really do live on a small hobby farm with 110 acres and lots of critters. We have 9 beef cattle, 2 twin Clydesdale geldings, chickens (layers and meat kings) and some turkeys thrown in for good measure. We also have Holstein, our guard barn cat, and Tipsy, our spastic dog. The kids have always pitched in with chores as this is a team event, not an individual one. 

Some of our cattle chilling out at dusk on night. The babies just peeking up through the grass struck me.

My hubby truly has the soul of a farmer. His happy place is with his animals or working the land. Even a small hobby operation like ours is time consuming, but we love this lifestyle we have chosen. This is our bliss. 

The month of August, for us, means that the 4-H season is going full tilt. Our boys are members of a dairy project club, and our daughter participates in a draft horse  project. Between the three kids, they will compete in 7 shows in 4 weeks.  Whew!  Itis a busy time. 

The 4-H motto has not changed in 100 years, “Learn to do by doing.”  They will work hard. They will have fun. At times they will see great success, other times they bomb. Then they have to regroup, and try again. 4-H builds character and I am ecstatic that our kids are involved in an organization that I so greatly benefited from. 

So off I go to pack up whites for tomorrow’s achievement day. Whether blue ribbons performances are in the cards or not, they will be able to say they have done their best. 

Enjoy some random pics of farm life here at the funny farm. 

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