I return to my day job in 5 days. 

I work as an educational assistant in a middle school. I love this age group. My kids (any of the kids I work with are my kids😉) are often challenging, but they are such wonderful little humans once you get the chance to truly know them. They amuse me. They frustrate me. They challenge me. At times, they cause little cracks in my heart due to their stories and circumstances. 

To them I am Mrs. Tammy.  There are times they love me and times they would rather I just fell off the face of the Earth. Haha. I am the one who will joke with them, call them out when they are being a punk, or listen when they want to talk. After a little trust and relationship is achieved, I hope they all get that I truly care about them, more than I should sometimes. It takes a toll sometimes, and I strive to find balance between work and family. Work in progress here. 

The job has changed drastically in the past 10 years. Gone are they days when an EA helped with academics. Modern day expectations are that we will  work with the behaviorally challenged, the medically fragile, those with exceptionalities, and we will do it with more students and less resources.  It is the way the education system rocks now, do more with less. We all do our best, and that is all we can do. 

That being said, if your child is one of my kids I will do my best to see that their year gets off to a great start. We are all in this to help the little humans go out into the world and be productive members of society. 

Treasure the last wisps of summer. 


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