Garb to Glam

Trash to Treasure. My bliss. 

One of my favourite days of the year is large item garbage pick up day. People in my neighbourhood have two opportunities a year to get rid of their big unwanted items. There are lots of old mattresses, kids toys, and unwanted furniture.  Free furniture. 😊

“Stop the car!!!!!”

I found this little wash stand on the side of the road on garbage day as we went for a coffee after our morning chores. I yelled this at my hubby, and he grudgingly stopped. He was less impressed as I loaded my new treasure into the car. 

I unloaded it at home, admiring the great lines, and cute little castors. The door was broken, and I attempted to fix that.  Unfortunately, it was a futile attempt, and I ended up removing the door. After it was glued it was binding too much to be useable. (I do not do fussy at all!)

I gave it two coats of a custom color I mixed up using two parts Fusion Ash and one part Fusion Limestone. Love the transformation. 

In place of the defunct door, I found that one of my galvanized buckets I was using in my bathroom for towels would fit it perfectly.

And voila. The perfect piece for my entry to hold dog stuff in the top drawer, and mitts, hats, and scarves in the bottom for winter. 

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