It’s Kinda Like a Wedding

Showing horses is very much like getting ready for a wedding.  This week marks our first foray into showing our Twin Terrors, Asher and Tony, at the NBEx.  For those who are unfamiliar with our critters, they are my hubby’s Clydesdale twins. They are large toddlers,  aged three years. 

Asher was always a cuddler it seems.
Asher (l) and Tony (r) pulling the sleigh last winter.

So showing horses is a lot like getting married. You work your butt off getting ready FOR MONTHS. Paint this, decorate that, practice, get your hair done, and then it is all over in 20 minutes. CRAZY amount of work prepping for a 20 minute show. 

Our display with the boys all cleaned up.

Tony getting his bath.

We shall see tomorrow how the boys place. Either way, it has been a blast so far.  I have also included a clip of the boys practising this morning. 

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