Gourd-geous DIY

I love fall!

By now you’ve heard me say that several times, but I really do!  These crisp September mornings have me thinking  Fall and I love to decoarate for it.  I am sharing  a couple of my favourite little DIY projects, pretty gourd bowl fillers and gourd garland. 

I go to the local farm stands every fall and buy up gourds of every shape and description. I enjoy them au natural for the season and then I set them behind my wood stove to dry out over the winter months.  If they are not at all bruised, they will dry beautifully. I usually have about an 80% success rate.  I can then use the dried gourds the next year.  

Enamel ware, milk glass, and fall decor. Be still my beating heart. 🤗🌻🎃

In the bowl above, I have some dried gourds I painted with FAT chalk paint in pumpkin, sea glass, and buttermilk. You can achieve the same look with store bought faux gourds and paint them to match your decor. I find that many of the Dollarama gourds have a great shape, but the paint job leaves a lot to be desired. That is an easy and inexpensive fix. I just finish them off with clear wax, but a clear poly would also work, and they look lovely. 

A battery operated pillar and enamelware bowl are the perfect compliment to my newly painted gourds.
A little paint made this ugly Dollarama pumpkin look like a million bucks. I wish I had taken a before pic, as the transformation was foolishly simple.

You can use the same gourds for a second project, a garland. 

Gourd Garland:

  • Drill with small bit
  • Dried gourds 
  • Wire
  • Acorn caps
  • Fabric scraps if you want. 
  • Spray poly (non yellowing)

To make my gourd and acorn garland I did a little foraging in the yard to gather up acorn caps. Then I took out some of last year’s dried gourds and carefully drilled holes in them so I could fish the wire through then. This can be tricky, and I did ruin one by breaking it when I attempted to drill the second hole. They can be a little finicky. Thread gourds and acorn caps on to make an eye pleasing pattern. Loop ends of wire for easy hanging.  A quick spray of poly to seal it, and there you have it.  
I hope you like this simple, fun touch of autumn. 

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