Date Night

My hubby is a wise man. 

A couple of years ago we instituted date nights. This was his idea. He had  noticed that a lot of couples we knew were separating, and ha ving issues after their little ones left the nest. The problem, a lot them told us, was that they had been parenting together, but had not been working at their marriage.  Marriages require maintenance, and it is hard to balance priorities in this crazy, hectic world.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

Our goal is to have a date night each week. Do we always reach our goal?  No. just keeping it real. 😉. If we get off track with it, we readjust our priorities, and go again. 

So we have our date nights. These are not extravagant, over the top events. Sometimes it is a walk while the kids are at an evening activity, a quiet drive, or a coffee date.  Sometimes it is supper out. The point that we make a point of being a couple, not just two people co-parenting. 

A quiet walk together is lovely. Sometimes we just walk down to our sugar shack and enjoy the peace and quiet together.

I can only speak for us, but this has been a blessing to us. It Is worth the extra juggling that is sometimes required, because we are worth it. 

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