Grain Stripe Dresser

Before, During, and After.
The finished product. Beautiful MMS milk paint in Luckett’s really made over the entire look.

Everyone has a junk drawer. A catch all. We actually have a dresser that acts much like a BIG junk drawer. It is a real workhorse. The top drawer holds gift wrap and batteries, the middle houses candles, pillow covers and such. The bottom drawer corrals spare school supplies for the kids.  A piece of furniture that works this hard deserved better than it’s beat up original varnish job. So I decided to paint it. To be honest my original plan was to paint it off white.  I was so wrong. 
Here is the off white version. Pretty for the pic but a pain to maintain with my crew.

 That was Plan A. White does not work in my home I quickly learned. Hand prints, smudges and non stop wiping were driving me nuts. So Plan B was hatched. Enter Miss Mustard Seeds milk paint in Luckett’s Green. 

So I Frog taped off the stripe areas, after giving the piece a good cleaning. Then I mixed up my milk paint and went to it. I love to milk paint. It is always an adventure. two coats later, I sealed it with clear wax and I love the end result. 

Our work horse dresser is now as pretty as it is useful. 

Thank for reading!


2 thoughts on “Grain Stripe Dresser

  1. Cute idea! We’ll be putting a lot of work into ‘the old family farmhouse’ next summer. There’s a surprisingly sturdy little chest on the back porch that desperately needs new paint and I think a grain stripe would be perfect!


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