Fall To Do Lists

We love our old farmhouse. It is overflowing with charm, and we have made a lot of memories here with our family.  With the charm comes a tonne of work to get ready for the upcoming winter months in our Canadian climate. 

First, we harvest our garden. All veggies left are picked and stored in our rock wall basement. It make for a wonderful veggie storage solution. This summer’s drought like conditions meant that there was less to pick than typical years. Our yields were certainly down this year. 

The wood house is filled to the brim.

Next, is the firewood.  We use an Amish built wood cook stove as our primary heat source. (I also do 90% of our cooking and baking with it through the colder Canadian months.) This makes our kitchen the room that all friends and family tend to gather in. Our family puts in 5 cord of wood each year. This means we also get to cut, split, and rank 5 cord each fall for the next year. We like to season our firewood for a year if possible. 

My hubby also gives the flu a good cleaning and inspection to get ready for safe use. I am terrified of flu fires. So this is a definite must. 

Our wood cook stove when we first installed it. My kitchen is no longer this cozy barn red color. Looking at this pic I really miss the red.
Different view of our stove with our present color, Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore.
My favourite view. I curl up beside the stove after supper most evening to enjoy my cup of tea.

Next is pool winterization and general yard clean up. This chore always makes me a little sad. I love our deck/pool/fire pit area. It is my happy place and I hate to see the end of those seasons creeping up on us. The chores that come with that are some of my least favourite for that reason. πŸ˜•

Finally, I clean out all my flower gardens, and often divide and give away plant slips. To keep it real, I will admit that sometimes this chore  does  not happen until the spring if the  weather changes too quickly. The shorter days make it tricky to get it all done at times. 

Well enough writing about it, off I go to tackle our (house) chore list. Blaine is working away at the farm to do list. There is ALWAYS  something to do at the Funny Farm. 

Thanks for reading!

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