Beyond Blessed

Everyone is reminded at Thanksgiving to be thankful, grateful, and to count your blessings.  It reminds me that we are blessed beyond measure. 

I am forever grateful for our family’s faith, health and happiness. I am thankful that we get to celebrate and to simply have a meal all together. As the kids have gotten older, this has become a near impossibility. 

I am also thankful for the soft rain I woke to this morning, as we have had such a dry summer and fall. It makes my farm girl heart do a happy dance. Everything is powder dry and the moisture is much needed.

Gratitude fills my heart today, but my goal is to be more thankful each day.   In an attempt to counter the negativity we are all faced with, my plan is to simply write down one good thing each day. My hope is that it will remind me to reflect on the good in the world, when sometimes it feels as though we are bombarded with only the bad. I am making a concious shift in my focus. 

So today, break some bread, laugh with friends, and soak up the blessings of the season. 
Happy Thanksgiving from our Funny Farm family to yours. 🦃🎃🍷🍂

Thanks for reading. 

2 thoughts on “Beyond Blessed

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Tammy. We are only getting a mist here this morning but hope it becomes showers later on as it is extremely dry here as well. While at Kings Landing yesterday at one of the houses there is a spring that runs all the time in the side shed of the house. The spring dried up last week for the first time in the history of Kings Landing (over 40 years!). I’m praying for rain for the farmers and those on wells (like us) before the ground freezes. Have a wonderful day. Blessings, Pam

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