What do you see?

Trellis for my bittersweet to climb created from two old doors and some rebar. Love it.
I love to go to auctions, flea markets,  and yard sales. I also adore curbside finds. The challenge of creating new life from  “old junk” gives me a thrill every time. I feel that these reloved and repurposed items are what give my home some soul.  

I have found that architectural salvage items are so useful as a creative option. Some people look at an old solid wood door, and they see a door. I see potential. I have reused them as trellis and arch ways in my gardens. They are also lovely when cut down for side tables and even tabletops. 

Arch way my hubby built me using two old doors from my grandparents homestead.

I love to use old stuff as storage. I use a time worn tool box as a stand for our media boxes under my Nanny’s pine table.  It holds a ton of dvds and other odds and ends.   I also repurposed an  old laundry washstand into a coffee table for our living room. 

I do not only collect enamelware, but I use it throughout our home as storage. It looks great and keeps things like face clothes from taking over in our old farmhouse.

It is all in how you look at it. An old enamelled chamber pot, works great as a clothespin bucket by my back door. An enamelled  pail corrals my face clothes in the washroom, and looks good doing it. I needed a new light for over my sink, so I made  one using an old broken mason jar and a lamp kit. It is pretty and unique. 

So the next time you are out and come across some old stuff, look closer at the treasure that could be. 

A broken mason jar makes a terrific farmhouse style light.

Thanks for reading!


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