Pack Rat

I am a pack rat. 

Old fashioned mason jars that I just could not say no to. Don’t judge me!😜

I tend to hold onto things just in case I may need it. I tell myself that if I get rid of that I will need it next week. My sister is the exact opposite;  she does not do clutter. I envy her that. 

Just to clarify, my home does not look like an episode of hoarders.  We are not using our limited storage space to its best advantage. 

Bins of scrap booking papers and notions that I had every intention of using.

I am attempting to reform myself.  So far I am kinda sucking at it. Lol. Someone calls and asks if I want something fantastically old or vintage, and of course I say yes. So I have instituted a one in, one  out rule. I am working that system, and tackling one area of our home at a time. 

Baby steps, people, baby steps. 

Are any of you pack rats/ hoarders?  If any of you have tips, please share. 
Thanks for reading!


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