Water, water EVERYWHERE, yet not a drop to drink.

This past weekend, our area experienced torrential rains. Rain in January is never good; the frozen ground leaves it with nowhere to go and so trouble ensues. Washed out roads, flash floods, and wet basements were an issue for many.

We had water in our basement as our drain had deteriorated and so the water that would typically pass through, kept backing up. This required pumping the water out in half hour increments all day. Thankfully my hubby has an excavator and was able to dig up and replace the damaged pipes. Problem solved. Let the clean up ensue.

Ironically, the well pump at the barn died so we had NO water there. So we had to fill large barrels and truck water to the barn from the house. Then we got to pail water all the animals. Neat fact, the average non lactating beef cow will drink around 9 gallons per day. ๐Ÿฎ๐Ÿด๐Ÿ” That is a lot of water to lug. Good times at the funny farm.

None of this was the end of the world, but it was all a pain in the neck. Others certainly faced bigger challenges than we did, and my heart goes out to them. Thankfully all of our issues will be righted in a matter of days. We are blessed.

I hope you all came through the January storms safe and sound.

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Love thy neighbour

The hubby and I were out last evening on a snowploughing date. (He bought me a tea, we were by ourselves, therefore, that’s a date. ๐Ÿ˜ƒโ˜•๏ธ). We overheard an elderly man commenting to his companion that he had contracted to different ploughmen out for his long driveway, and neither one had showed. He was quite frustrated as he said his wife was in poor health, and I’m quite sure he was closer to 80 that he was to 50. He was snow blowing his 300 plus foot driveway. Quite an undertaking with all the storms we have faced lately.

So when we headed out to finish up our regulars. Then I noticed that Hubby had veered off of our usual route.

Sure enough he found the home of the gentleman. He had mentioned his address during his complaints. So the Phantom Plower went to work. (One of our neighbours dubbed my hubby this as he sometimes returns home after work to find his yard cleaned. ๐Ÿ˜œ).

When we left, the man’s yard was clean and we felt great about helping someone out just for the sake of being kind. Unselfish kindness is its own type of high. Challenge yourself and your family to find ways to help your neighbours and our communities will be forever better for it.

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Hey, Whatcha Reading?

Up until 2 years ago I was an avid reader. I would devour books, often in one sitting, if I could afford the time. I would read anything and everything; I’d read the cereal box, a best seller or the daily newspaper. I simply loved to read.

Two years ago I sustained a head injury at work, and the resulting concussion changed that. My inability to retain, my drastically altered attention span, and the resulting headaches changed reading from a passion to a punishment. This past summer I began to retrain my brain. I started by doing tiny snippets once a day and building up from there, so that by the end of the summer I was able to read for a half an hour at a time, retain what I had read, and most importantly, enjoy it without getting a headache. Whoohoo! Oh the little things we take for granted.

So I missed out on two years of wonderful reads. Please feel free to comment with any recommendations for good books. I enjoy history, romance, fantasy, almost anything other than strictly science and procedural reads. So please help a girl out, and start recommending.๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿค“

Thanks for reading!

Clean or Barren?

Now that all the holiday decor is tucked away for another year, I am finding the house a little bare feeling. Does anyone else feel that way? I wonder if it is boredom or just shack-wacky syndrome setting in.๐Ÿคช

I love the little lantern I found at the Sussex Flea Market last summer, and of course I changed up my cloche from Tweedside Road. <

have been trying to add some cozy layers to our homes decor. I have been moving around some throws and quilts, changing up cushion covers, adding twinkle lights and trying to remedy my sense of blah. Do not get me wrong, I love our old farmhouse, and I certainly do not need more stuff.My cow pillow cover is from Craftberrybush. Click the link here to check out the fantastic options. I have several!๐Ÿ˜‰

I find our old farmhouse feels a little sparse after our Christmas tree is put away. I am editing down collections, keeping what I truly love and getting rid of all the place holders. keeping what I truly love and getting rid of all the place holders. Place holders are the things you buy to “hold you over” until you can find, can afford, or can figure out what you really want to complete the spaces in your home. I have now gotten to the point where I am willing to wait for that special item, and not just settle for something else I do not love.

Twinkle lights make anything homey and pretty.

What are some of the things you do to make your home feel cozy and not sparse after you take down your tree? Love to hear any ideas and suggestions you have to share.

Thanks for reading.

Storm Chips…Seriously!

I live on the East Coast of Canada, just outside of Fredericton, New Brunswick. We experience 4 very distinct seasons a year; we are currently in the depths of our winter season. As a native of this beautiful part of the country, I am accustomed to winter storms hitting with a bang. It is not a new thing.

We have a huge nor’easter barreling down on us. The forecast is 30-45 cm or more. We have a few of these storms every year and it amazes me how freaked out people become. If you were (brave or foolish enough) to venture to any grocery store, or the Walmart, you would find people stocking up on bottled water, batteries, bread, milk, and ,of course, Storm Chips. Storm Chips are a real thing. It is a maritime thing, but it is real. ๐ŸŒจ๐ŸŒฌ

Clean up after a storm earlier this year. My hubby and our sons provide snow clearing services so snow means lots of work needs to be done.

It’s unfortunate that some people may lose power, and face some inconveniences, but storms come and go and generally are not too much of a hardship here. Many people are equipped with back up generators and wood stoves and can hunker down, if need be, if the storm lasts for a day or two.

To all the people who have to be out in the storms: road crews, fire, police, first responders, and such, I wish you a safe and uneventful storm. Thank you for all you do.

The first few flakes of snow have just started. I’m going to go settle in with my book and a nice cuppa tea. If you don’t have to be out in the storm, it’s actually quite pretty to watch.

Thanks for reading.


I think that bears and other winter avoiding creatures are GENIUS! Hibernation is a fantastic solution to these arctic temperatures of late. This cold snap we are having is a royal pain in the, ahem, neck. ๐Ÿ™Š

high was -15 degrees Celsius.

Each of the last 3 mornings have been around -30 degrees Celsius with the wind chill. That is freaking-unbearable-steal -your-breath cold. Unfortunately, hibernation is a lovely idea, but farm life continues on whether the weather is favourable or not.

Post card pretty, but bitter cold. <<<<<<<
d pretty view of the old barn, on this bone chilling day.

will be a big job on Thursday as a Nor'Easter heads our way.

We have a weather bomb bearing down on us, ETA Thursday. Hopefully Old Man Winter chases these nasty temps away with this upcoming snow event. The best thing about all this snow is that the old farmhouse gets cozier as the snow piles up around it. So let it snow!

rsday, I will be snuggled up next to the fire for the duration of the storm, and will enjoy my latest David's Tea and a good book.

Stay warm folks.

Thanks for reading.

New Yearsโ€™ Adventures

Well the Nason clan had a very laid back ushering in of 2018. We hung out, watched movies, stayed warm (we are under a severe temperature warning: -35 with wind chill), and went to bed shortly after midnight. It is nice to have a full house with extra teens flopping on whatever sofa is available. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

By comparison, New Year’s morning has been less laid back. After cooking an army sized breakfast, it was discovered that the barn had a broken water pipe and that the stalls were flooded. Rubber boots go on over pyjamas and off we go to MUCK out the mess. Thankfully the barn itself stays fairly warm due to the cows’ and horses’ body heat, so it could have been much worse.

Regardless, the mess is (mostly) cleaned up and everyone is back where they belong. Repairs will take place over the next two days as everything is closed today for the holiday. Now to thaw the humans out and have a cup of coffee or two with Baileys. Life on the Funny Farm never goes according to plan.

Happy New Year from our farm/home to yours. May your 2018 be filled with blessings and happiness.

Thanks for reading!