I think that bears and other winter avoiding creatures are GENIUS! Hibernation is a fantastic solution to these arctic temperatures of late. This cold snap we are having is a royal pain in the, ahem, neck. 🙊

high was -15 degrees Celsius.

Each of the last 3 mornings have been around -30 degrees Celsius with the wind chill. That is freaking-unbearable-steal -your-breath cold. Unfortunately, hibernation is a lovely idea, but farm life continues on whether the weather is favourable or not.

Post card pretty, but bitter cold. <<<<<<<
d pretty view of the old barn, on this bone chilling day.

will be a big job on Thursday as a Nor'Easter heads our way.

We have a weather bomb bearing down on us, ETA Thursday. Hopefully Old Man Winter chases these nasty temps away with this upcoming snow event. The best thing about all this snow is that the old farmhouse gets cozier as the snow piles up around it. So let it snow!

rsday, I will be snuggled up next to the fire for the duration of the storm, and will enjoy my latest David's Tea and a good book.

Stay warm folks.

Thanks for reading.

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