Storm Chips…Seriously!

I live on the East Coast of Canada, just outside of Fredericton, New Brunswick. We experience 4 very distinct seasons a year; we are currently in the depths of our winter season. As a native of this beautiful part of the country, I am accustomed to winter storms hitting with a bang. It is not a new thing.

We have a huge nor’easter barreling down on us. The forecast is 30-45 cm or more. We have a few of these storms every year and it amazes me how freaked out people become. If you were (brave or foolish enough) to venture to any grocery store, or the Walmart, you would find people stocking up on bottled water, batteries, bread, milk, and ,of course, Storm Chips. Storm Chips are a real thing. It is a maritime thing, but it is real. 🌨🌬

Clean up after a storm earlier this year. My hubby and our sons provide snow clearing services so snow means lots of work needs to be done.

It’s unfortunate that some people may lose power, and face some inconveniences, but storms come and go and generally are not too much of a hardship here. Many people are equipped with back up generators and wood stoves and can hunker down, if need be, if the storm lasts for a day or two.

To all the people who have to be out in the storms: road crews, fire, police, first responders, and such, I wish you a safe and uneventful storm. Thank you for all you do.

The first few flakes of snow have just started. I’m going to go settle in with my book and a nice cuppa tea. If you don’t have to be out in the storm, it’s actually quite pretty to watch.

Thanks for reading.

One thought on “Storm Chips…Seriously!

  1. We are stocked up (chips and chocolate!) and praying the power stays on. We also have a generator just in case it goes. It’s very gusty here on the Ridge! Waiting on hubby to get home from town though!! Men. lol

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