Love thy neighbour

The hubby and I were out last evening on a snowploughing date. (He bought me a tea, we were by ourselves, therefore, that’s a date. 😃☕️). We overheard an elderly man commenting to his companion that he had contracted to different ploughmen out for his long driveway, and neither one had showed. He was quite frustrated as he said his wife was in poor health, and I’m quite sure he was closer to 80 that he was to 50. He was snow blowing his 300 plus foot driveway. Quite an undertaking with all the storms we have faced lately.

So when we headed out to finish up our regulars. Then I noticed that Hubby had veered off of our usual route.

Sure enough he found the home of the gentleman. He had mentioned his address during his complaints. So the Phantom Plower went to work. (One of our neighbours dubbed my hubby this as he sometimes returns home after work to find his yard cleaned. 😜).

When we left, the man’s yard was clean and we felt great about helping someone out just for the sake of being kind. Unselfish kindness is its own type of high. Challenge yourself and your family to find ways to help your neighbours and our communities will be forever better for it.

Thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “Love thy neighbour

  1. That is awesome! I agree with the “Love thy neighbour” motto. We have been the recipients as well. It sounds like a great date night too. (Ours are often to Home Depot or Canadian Tire) I did a new blog post today if you would like to pop by. Have a nice evening.

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      1. I was once complaining about the rain and an elderly gentleman said, “Well, the sun can always be shining in you heart.” I’ll always remember that.

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