Water, water EVERYWHERE, yet not a drop to drink.

This past weekend, our area experienced torrential rains. Rain in January is never good; the frozen ground leaves it with nowhere to go and so trouble ensues. Washed out roads, flash floods, and wet basements were an issue for many.

We had water in our basement as our drain had deteriorated and so the water that would typically pass through, kept backing up. This required pumping the water out in half hour increments all day. Thankfully my hubby has an excavator and was able to dig up and replace the damaged pipes. Problem solved. Let the clean up ensue.

Ironically, the well pump at the barn died so we had NO water there. So we had to fill large barrels and truck water to the barn from the house. Then we got to pail water all the animals. Neat fact, the average non lactating beef cow will drink around 9 gallons per day. 🐮🐴🐔 That is a lot of water to lug. Good times at the funny farm.

None of this was the end of the world, but it was all a pain in the neck. Others certainly faced bigger challenges than we did, and my heart goes out to them. Thankfully all of our issues will be righted in a matter of days. We are blessed.

I hope you all came through the January storms safe and sound.

Thanks for reading!

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