Getting My (Paint) Groove On Part 1

Do you have any projects you have been too busy to get at or avoiding? I am in de clutter mode and cleaning up some outstanding diy goodies. I am a reforming pack rat. The struggle is real!

I inherited an ugly duckling cabinet and an old dresser mirror frame that will be reloved into something fabulous. The bones are good, if they turn out half as cute as I imagine, they will rock. Here are the “before” pics.

This will be a cool chalkboard!

Shoe storage, anyone? I have tin panels for the doors and new glass knobs ready to go.

I am trying to settle on a color for the cabinet. Give me some feedback, I am needing some inspiration. I like all of these, but usually end up tricycle red, a charcoal grey or Lucketts green. Help a girl out!

I will post the “afters” next week. Have a great, snowy February first.

Thanks for reading!

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