Gardeners Unite!

The days are starting to get longer, supper time comes and it is not pitch dark. Hallelujah!!! Insert exuberant, yet clumsy, HAPPY dance here.

On this -30 with windchill winter day, what are you daydreaming about? I am fantasizing about being on my hands and knees, elbow deep in my gardens. Game on!

The days are getting noticeably longer. Can I get an amen!?! This photo was taken at 5:36 pm last night. I was not pitch black yet.

Underneath all the snow is rich soil waiting for new plants (hostas 🌱and day lilies🌺) and veggie seeds. This is the time of year when the seed catalogues start to trickle in, and the gardeners dream of spring. This year’s wish list includes, but is not limited to:

I love blue flowers!


Oh, the list I have made from this catalogue!

I am planning on downsizing, simplifying and actually removing some garden beds this year. Many of my beds are overgrown and too crowded. Keeping it real here folks, some of the beds are a disaster and will be made over into a clean slate! I look forward to an easier to sustain system.

I have a mild addiction to daylilies, hostas, and coneflowers. Oh and any flower that is blue. These are some of last summer’s beauties.

Gardening, for me, is a therapeutic experience. I cannot wait to get a little dirt therapy in. When I get underway in the spring I will show you what all I have up my sleeve!

Thanks for reading!

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