Clean or Barren?

Now that all the holiday decor is tucked away for another year, I am finding the house a little bare feeling. Does anyone else feel that way? I wonder if it is boredom or just shack-wacky syndrome setting in.🤪

I love the little lantern I found at the Sussex Flea Market last summer, and of course I changed up my cloche from Tweedside Road. <

have been trying to add some cozy layers to our homes decor. I have been moving around some throws and quilts, changing up cushion covers, adding twinkle lights and trying to remedy my sense of blah. Do not get me wrong, I love our old farmhouse, and I certainly do not need more stuff.My cow pillow cover is from Craftberrybush. Click the link here to check out the fantastic options. I have several!😉

I find our old farmhouse feels a little sparse after our Christmas tree is put away. I am editing down collections, keeping what I truly love and getting rid of all the place holders. keeping what I truly love and getting rid of all the place holders. Place holders are the things you buy to “hold you over” until you can find, can afford, or can figure out what you really want to complete the spaces in your home. I have now gotten to the point where I am willing to wait for that special item, and not just settle for something else I do not love.

Twinkle lights make anything homey and pretty.

What are some of the things you do to make your home feel cozy and not sparse after you take down your tree? Love to hear any ideas and suggestions you have to share.

Thanks for reading.